Grocery retail space is fiercely competitive and private-labeled foods have created a more competitive environment for brands than ever before. On-the-shelf product differentiation comes down to your labels and Macaran has been helping our food brand clients maximize shelf appeal for nearly 50 years. Syrups. Sauces. Spreads. Dips. Dressings. Soups. Produce. Snacks. Seasonings. Macaran’s expertise in the food labeling sector is extensive and we can help ensure your labels are FDA compliant and meet recyclability claims.

Macaran’s food labeling expertise doesn’t stop at prime labels. We’re experts in peel-and-reseal labeling technology, and can help you position your packaged foods in unique and functional ways. Let us help you ensure your labels are representing your products in the most appealing, eye-catching way possible. Click here to see our food for thought.