Maple Syrup

The maple syrup consumer doesn’t want to just buy a product, they want to purchase an entire experience. Sap buckets affixed to northeastern maples after a long winter and leisurely weekend family breakfasts, maple syrup evokes a sense of childhood, familial gatherings and New England wholesomeness. And there’s only one way to convey all these things to a prospective buyer: the image on your containers.

Macaran is the leading label supplier to the U.S. maple syrup industry. We get syrup labels. We’ve been producing them for nearly four decades and we understand the unique requirements of this market. Syrup is sticky business. Your labels have to endure a life cycle of sticky fingers and post-pour drips. Macaran’s state-of-the-art press technology delivers highest-quality graphics and we can guarantee that no amount of sticky fingers or drips will impact your label’s integrity. And our highest definition digital press technology means no minimum order quantities whether you need 100 labels, 1,000 labels or 100,000 labels.