Your labels are a lot more than just billboard space for a logo and a nice design. They also help to provide a sensory experience to your prospective customers. Whether your products are purchased off a retail shelf or over the internet, once those products are in the hand of a consumer, the relationship becomes a three-dimensional one.

For brands in the beverage and personal care markets, the success of your products often depends on your ability to create a multisensory experience for your customers, and that experience starts with the label. However, traditional matte finish and textured coatings print methods can drive up costs and increase delivery times.

Macaran’s luxury, textured matte-finish and coatings solutions enhance the consumer experience while delivering greater shelf appeal and environmental resilience. We have created a proprietary process that offers you a way to achieve the look and feel of a premium, textured matte finish with an even sharper contrast between printing and foiling.

Macaran’s custom coating solutions will help your products get noticed, both on the shelf and once in the hands of consumers. You can read more about our specialty coatings solutions here.