SKU proliferation. Brand line extensions. More product variations. Promotions. Craft and cottage industries. We know the drill. To effectively compete in a crowded marketplace, brands must appeal to the widest range of consumers possible and sometimes those requirements entail small-batch printing.

Digital’s time has come, both for the industry and for Macaran. We recently invested in seven-color, state-of-the-art UV inkjet technology that is the result of more than five years-worth of extensive research, press supplier analysis, and rigorous testing. We have purchased the very best digital technology available in the marketplace and our press is the only one of its kind in the state of New York and one of only two in the entire Northeastern U.S..

Macaran’s new UV inkjet high-definition press complements the company’s portfolio of best-in-class press systems. Our digital technology is an ideal fit for all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a craft beer company looking for an economical way to print small volumes at highest quality, or a multinational food, beverage, personal care or household chemical brand seeking the best technology for eye-catching promotions or specialty products, Macaran has the solution.

You can read more about our digital print division and print technology here.