Product freshness is the essence of success in the food and personal care/cosmetics industries. From bags or pouches of cookies, coffee and crackers to tubs of baby wipes and makeup remover pads; resealable labels (also called reclosure labels) extend both the shelf life of your products in addition to the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers who consume or use them.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s still not easy to do. Resealable labels must endure constant handling. These applications must also perform optimally throughout the life of the product’s usage. These applications must also endure a range of environmental factors: the cold damp conditions of the inside of a refrigerator, the potential critter-laden confines of a pantry, and the residue of harsh cleansers and chemicals from the repeated pulling of cleansing wipes through an aperture.

What does it all come down to? Material science expertise. Macaran has one of the strongest foundations in material construction and adhesive knowhow in the industry. We can help you make sure your products stay fresh until the last cookie, cracker, coffee bean or facial wipe has been used.