Macaran’s RecyCLEAN Program brings together our team of material scientists and recycling application specialists to help our customers navigate the constantly changing demands of the recycling and sustainability value chain. According to the Association for Plastic Recyclers, pressure-sensitive (self-adhesive) labels are the leading source of contamination in today’s recycling stream of PET containers. The reason? Companies are not using the right label material constructions and when the containers go through the recycling stream, label and/or ink residue is left on the package.

Brands talk a lot about health and wellness. However, if they don’t fully understand the components of the self-adhesive label constructions they’re using, while making their customers healthier they might unfortunately be making our planet a sicker place due to their packaging ending up in landfills. Macaran can help brands make sure they are not only delivering health and wellness to their customers, but to the planet as well.

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